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4 Ways to Get Active That Make You Connect More with Nature


Much has been said and written about the benefits of exercise to lifelong health. But regular workout is just one aspect that promotes wellbeing. The role of nature in health and wellness is one component that tends to get overlooked or neglected for varied reasons. Nature and fitness, however, does not have to be compartmentalized for you to enjoy their benefits. You can enjoy the best of both by taking on activities that make you connect more with nature.

running in france
Running is always best done outdoors. There are many roads, paths, and trails you can go for a good run. You can run in sidewalks or pavements along tree-lined streets, in the park, or woodland trails near you. Breathe in the fresh air and feel the myriad of sensations that running out in the open gives.

Biking is one skill that sticks once you learn it. You can learn to ride a bicycle and stop doing it for years but still manage to retain the muscle memory of doing it. And it is something you can easily learn anytime. Bicycling offers different ways to enjoy the outdoors more. Bike commuting provides a healthy alternative to getting around, mountain biking makes for more nature explorations, and bicycling touring is an exhilarating way to enjoy long distance travels.

Kayaking or Rowing
If you have not been on a boat in a river or lake, now is a good time as any to start doing it. Imagine paddling or rowing and feeling the boat glide on the water set against a backdrop of stunning nature scenery. Being out on the water gives you a tranquil space where you can simply bask in the sunshine and feel the wind while enjoying the natural sights and sounds around you.

If you are wondering what makes hiking such a popular activity, it may be a good time to gain some firsthand experience. Hiking and nature are inherently intertwined. You simply cannot enjoy one without the other. And one of the great things about it is that you can always ease your way into it by giving a trek in beautiful easy trails a try.

Exercise in itself is good for you. But you can enjoy greater benefits if you combine exercise and nature to nourish your mind and body. Thankfully, it is never too late to experience the benefits of exercising outdoors. Now is a good time as any to start an outdoor exercise routine.

4 Unmissable Nature Attractions in Vietnam

Halong Bay

Halong Bay

Vietnam’s diverse attractions provide offer plenty of reasons why you need to visit the country. And its natural treasures are worth making a trip for. The beautiful Vietnam waterfalls, lush forests, scenic bays, and nature reserves are just some of the stunning sights begging to be explored.

1. Ba Be National Park
The Ba Be is the largest natural lake in the country and serves as the crown jewel of the national park named after it. Take a boat ride or go kayaking on the lake to enjoy the magnificent scenery including the spectacular caves and picturesque villages located in the area. And as your boat glides across the water, you can marvel at the views of the lake as it mirrors the landscape and lush vegetation surrounding it.

2. Halong Bay
Vietnam’s iconic Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site best known for its karst topography. Over a thousand islets dotting the emerald waters of the bay add to the dramatic seascape. Take a ride on a traditional Vietnamese junk boat to see the islets with their towering limestones and other stunning natural formations.

3. Mekong Delta
The Vietnamese countryside is brimming with scenic spots. And the Mekong Delta is one of the many tranquil places to go if you want to escape the hustle of the tourist crowd in the country’s most visited cities. Explore the network of waterways while taking in the views of the surrounding natural scenery.

4. Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park is famous for its caves and pristine environment. Take a boat ride to see the huge cavern and the spectacular cave systems including one of the park’s best-known attractions – the Paradise Cave.

What Mother Nature Is Still Teaching Us



Despite everything happening in this world – pollutions, earthquakes, wars – Mother Nature is teaching us, still teaching us, to realize her ultimate significance.

Here’s what Mother Nature is still teaching us:

Pay attention on the more important things in life.

Pollutions cause serious diseases to mankind. Earthquakes cause fear to mankind. Wars cause death to mankind. In these kinds of situations, what can you do? That’s right. Pay attention to your loved ones. Pay attention to other people. Pay attention to yourself. But most of all, you need to pay attention to Him. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your faith in God.

Take care of yourself.

Can you believe it? No matter how often we don’t eat and no matter how often we don’t drink, Mother Nature is there to fulfill our needs in her own way. Indeed, she is teaching us to take care of ourselves. You can either simply thank your body for doing a great job holding you up or show your appreciation to her by participating in health and fitness programs held outdoors.

Small things matter.

Be it as easy as raking old leaves near your house or as simple as recycling plastic bottles inside your home, small things matter. No matter how small it may be, it will matter. No matter how little impact it can provide, it will matter. No matter how ordinary it may be, it will matter. You matter. Your loved ones matter. Everyone matters. Mother Nature matters. God matters.

Have you ever felt Mother Nature teaching you important lessons? If yes, how important were those lessons? If no, how important were those lessons supposed to be? Do you know any other lessons Mother Nature is still teaching us? Let us know in the comments section below!