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What Mother Nature Is Still Teaching Us



Despite everything happening in this world – pollutions, earthquakes, wars – Mother Nature is teaching us, still teaching us, to realize her ultimate significance.

Here’s what Mother Nature is still teaching us:

Pay attention on the more important things in life.

Pollutions cause serious diseases to mankind. Earthquakes cause fear to mankind. Wars cause death to mankind. In these kinds of situations, what can you do? That’s right. Pay attention to your loved ones. Pay attention to other people. Pay attention to yourself. But most of all, you need to pay attention to Him. At the end of the day, it all comes down to your faith in God.

Take care of yourself.

Can you believe it? No matter how often we don’t eat and no matter how often we don’t drink, Mother Nature is there to fulfill our needs in her own way. Indeed, she is teaching us to take care of ourselves. You can either simply thank your body for doing a great job holding you up or show your appreciation to her by participating in health and fitness programs held outdoors.

Small things matter.

Be it as easy as raking old leaves near your house or as simple as recycling plastic bottles inside your home, small things matter. No matter how small it may be, it will matter. No matter how little impact it can provide, it will matter. No matter how ordinary it may be, it will matter. You matter. Your loved ones matter. Everyone matters. Mother Nature matters. God matters.

Have you ever felt Mother Nature teaching you important lessons? If yes, how important were those lessons? If no, how important were those lessons supposed to be? Do you know any other lessons Mother Nature is still teaching us? Let us know in the comments section below!